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Lasik surgery could be a way to improve your vision, and help you to better see, especially with reading.  Lasik is a refractive laser surgery performed to correct conditions such as myopia, hyperopia or farsightedness, and astigmatism.  Lasik has the ability to remove the need for wearing eye glasses or putting in contacts.  There is no anesthesia necessary to perform the procedure, and it is pain free.  The patient is awake and mobile during the surgery, though a doctor may use a sedative or numbing eye drops.  Lasik surgery is performed on the cornea.  The cornea is the part of the eye that focuses light and creates an image on the retina much like a projector.  Lasik may seem like something out of a horror movie with the patient being coherent of what is going on while the doctor performs surgery, but rest assured it is safe and has been well researched.

There are several stages to performing Lasik eye surgery.  A doctor creates a flap of cornea tissue that they later remodel using a laser.  The doctor makes an incision in the eye with the laser in order to make the flap.  The flap is then moved out of the way so the doctor can perform the surgery.  The flap is then replaced after the surgery is performed.  The laser reshapes the cornea and alters its ability to focus objects.  It is a safe procedure, but like any surgery there are some risks.  Lasik eye surgery results vary from patient to patient.

Though most patients are satisfied with the results, there have been some that have had complications with vision, recurring pain, and dry eyes.  Patients should consult their doctors before having lasik eye surgery.  Studies have shown that those in their forties, fifties and above should consider being evaluated for implantable lenses as well as having lasik eye surgery.  All patients should research more about Lasik eye surgery before making a decision.


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Learn More About Lasik

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This article was published on 2010/10/21