What Should Be Done During Lasik Consultation

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For people who want to have a try on LASIK procedure, choosing a right eye surgery center is quite critical. LASIK is associated with both advantages and potential risks or complications. If a patient wants to get an overall view about the details of the surgery, it is important to ask for concrete answers during the interview process. In some cases, it is a necessity to consult different surgeons, who will probably give different answers to a single problem. By comparing these various answers, it is possible to gain useful information about their respective knowledge and experience in this field. Price should never be the first consideration while selecting a LASIK surgeon. It is the surgeons expertise or experience that really matters.

A surgeons length of experience in LASIK field is an essential factor. During the consultation with the surgeon, it is necessary to know how many years has he been in the practice in performing LASIK surgery. In general, surgeons with at least three years of surgical practice are more trusted. Another question is how many procedures have been done during the last two years. For some young doctors, the knowledge of LASIK surgery needs to be frequently refreshed, even if quality is more important than quantity. In this field, a surgeon who has completed at least 500 cases of established refractive procedures can be considered to be proficient. Such kind of surgeons usually has thorough understanding about the principle behind the LASIK surgery, maximizing the success rate.

Except for the surgeons background, the percentage of success among all of his precious patients is also critical. It is imperative to check whether the number of his patients who gain 20/40 corrected vision accounts for 90% of the total. And at least 50% of the patients should gain 20/20 corrected vision. It is necessary to ask the surgeon for evidence of his successful cases and rate. During the prior consultation, patients have also to know as much as possible about the surgery itself, both advantages and disadvantages while keeping the mind clear. Try to get clear answers to any doubts in mind.

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What Should Be Done During Lasik Consultation

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This article was published on 2010/10/13